Who are we

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We, Han and Anja, are 2 nature lovers who are fond of traveling. We have visited quite some countries, rainforests and tropical reefs. Already before we met each other and since then together.

When we finally got the space to keep animals, it soon got out of hand. We started with some turtles, followed by several lizards. Our house had a greenhouse, the former residents grew vegetables in the greenhouse, but that was wasted on us. Soon rose the idea to convert it into a tropical greenhouse as there was central heating. The first winter our turtles hibernated in the greenhouse, but the following year the greenhouse got new residents, several kinds of small lizards, tree frogs and bombinas orientales.  
After having seen poison dart frogs at our first Costa Rica/Panama trip, we really got crazy about reptiles and amphibians. We first started with a few terrariums with poison dart frogs, soon followed by some other terrariums, then a whole wall stage and after the renovation of our house we built a poison dart frog greenhouse beneath our closed veranda.

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