Uganda journal - April/may 2008


For already a long time we loved to see once mountain gorillas. We always were thinking about Congo, maybe Ruanda. But due to the political situation, we never went. Recently we read that you also could visit mountain gorillas in Uganda. Uganda is much more stabile than its neighbouring countries. After informing it was quickly decided to make a roundtrip through Uganda and within 3 weeks we arrived at our destination.

In March/April it is the raining season, so no roundtrips were organized. But soon we found a travel agency HabariTravel www.habaritravel.nl, who organised several individual roundtrips to your own measure with a driver-guide and a 4WD.


For who is interested, Uganda is almost 6 times as big as the Netherlands, borders in the north on Sudan, in the East on Kenya, shares in the south the border and Lake Victoria with Tanzania, a small part southern border with Ruanda and shares in the west the border, Lake Albert and Lake Edward with Congo.

Uganda knows a violent past. In 1962 Uganda became independent from Great Britain. Obote and his army chief Idi Amin took control in 1966. Idi Amin took control in 1971, when Obote was abroad. Under his bloody leadership more than 300.000 people got killed. In 1979 Idi Amin had to escape and Obote took after illegitimate elections again control. During his reign of terror more than half a millions people got killed. A jungle war of 5 years with Museveni made Obote resign. Since than Museveni is in power. His non-party system brought the necessary rest, stability and economic growth, despite of widespread corruption. According to Museveni Uganda's history has learned that a multy-party system leads to tribalism and chaos, as parties in Uganda are organised at ethnic and religious bases. Elections at party-political base will only stir up ethnic discrepancies. Uganda knows about 55 tribes, with each an own languages. However, English is the official language.

Only in the upper north it is still restless, here revolts Joseph Kony with his Lord's Resistance Army already over 20 years, causing death and destruction.

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