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Southern Africa

We made a round trip by truck, first through Zimbabwe, than Botswana, we camped in the Okovango Delta, next to several elephants and baboons. We crossed the Kalahari dessert, we camped in the open air with a mosquito-net, but in the middle of the night a heavy rain shower, so we had to put up our tent. The following day the whole dessert had a fresh green bloom, everywhere you saw little plants and grass, where the day before was only sand. We visited Namibia, with the most impressive landscapes we had ever seen, every few hours the surroundings changed completely. We had seen already several desserts, but never such a variation. We returned at the upper side back to Zimbabwe, where we visited the Victoria Falls and rafted at the Zambesiriver. At the end we went 2 weeks to South-Africa, to Sodwana Bay, for scuba diving and watching the whale shark.

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