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V. de Caynarachi

Not far from Tarapoto, along the way to Yurimaguas, you will find the Caynarachi valley. Rainer Schulte has here a biological station, where he gives regularly workshops and students do research. We stayed here for 4 days. Along the road to this valley you see many E. bassleri. In this valley you will find the Atelopus pulcher, several colosthetus species, the E. trivittatus, E. cainarachi, D. fantasticus, D. variabilis en D. imitator. The last two look so much alike that Rainer and Jason Brown (a student who was doing research here) several times disagreed what frog it was. For convenience sake, one spot at the nose, variabilis, 2 spots at the nose, imitator. Here you also find a ‘frog production plant’ in the rainforest, at some places you saw many plastic bottles, cut in half, as extra deposit places for the tadpoles of the fantasticus, variabilis and imitator. We saw often those frogs near a bottle, in several bottles we found tadpoles, we found even in some bottles clutches of eggs.

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