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C. del Condor

It is 35º C and a humidity less than 40%, we are looking at hundreds of enormous bromeliads with a diameter of one meter and more at a steep rock-face. In one of the bromeliads we hear a strange tremble and we decide to descend the rock-face a little to take a look at that bromeliad. After a small climb along a steep abyss we see our first D. mysteriousus, right in the sun, good visible at one of the purple bromeliad leafs, in a dry air, where normally no poison dart frog can live. The mysteriosus indeed does the honours to its name. With sponsor money of the Dutch postal code/IUCN NL the last few habitats of the D. mysteriosus have been bought. Under accompaniment of INIBICO some of the local people are breeding now with these frogs to protect the natural habitat and to have some extra income, which is needed badly in those poor regions (later more about this project in our travel journal).

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