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In the middle of the highlands of Papua New Guinea you will find Tari, a small village we wanted to visit. As we arrived a tribal war was going on. We had the bad luck to arrive at twilight, all of a sudden our small van crossed the hostile line, so a shower of arrows came towards us. We had some anxious moments, but when it was obvious we were not the enemy, we were allowed to pass. During the rest of our stay at Tari, we hardly noticed there was a war going on, only that the men were completely dressed in war costumes and were wearing bow and arrows. They were really beautifully attired and painted over. One day at the middle of the day it started to rain, also armistice, otherwise their headgears with the most precious feathers of birds of paradise became wet and their ‘make-up’ would run. When it was dry again, they had to redo briefly their attire and they went further at war path.

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