Red-eared slider
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Red-eared slider

Yesterday (August 30th, 2005) our first red-eared sliders hatched. This was great to watch. We have still to arrange an aquarium for them, for the moment a glass bowl will do. We have already for 8 years red-eared sliders (Trachemys scripta elegans) outside in our ponds. First 6 turtles, 5 females and one male. All the years the females laid unfertilized eggs, they were not interested in our male. Since 2 years we had the luck to receive another male, still a little young, but straight from the beginning he made a hit with the ladies.
And now our first fertilized clutch. We just put one clutch we in our incubator, as in the preceding years. Soon the first eggs collapsed and we thought, again unfertilized eggs, but fortunately 4 eggs remained well and hatched.

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